Episode 72

AROYA Office Hours Episode Seventy-Two: Under and inter-canopy lighting, IPM SOPs, drybacks overview, & More!

What's better than talking crops with the Growmies?

Every session is a learning experience – and Office Hours Episode 72 was no exception! Among many things, Seth and Jason got into the weeds of inter-canopy lighting, discussed drybacks in detail, and covered considerations when reusing grow media! 

Check out some of the hot takes from this week…

Dryback Drilldown

β€œThat dryback number is actually a very dynamic number and pretty specific to the type of media you're using, your growing environment and the size of plant compared to your pot.” – Seth

Connect the Dots

β€œAnytime that we're making changes within the canopy or how that plant's physiology is reacting to the environment, make sure that we are taking leaf surface temperatures and got appropriate airflow in there to accommodate for any increased transpiration rates lower on the plant.” –Jason

The Best Pest Defense

β€œCannabis builds these wonderful trichomes with these interesting terpenes and oils, and a big function of that is those seeds are nice and safe in there from bugs. It's pretty hard to crawl in and get them once the plant's healthy. So that is definitely step one.” – Seth

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