Episode 71

AROYA Office Hours Episode Seventy-One: Clone considerations, crop steering simplified, tips for ripening, & More!

Back to the business of cultivation after a brief summer break!


After a few weeks off, it felt so great to be back in session for Office Hours Episode 71! Jason held it down, giving rapid-fire answers to questions covering a range of topics – from quick overviews of runoff and shot sizes, to parameters and practices for rooting in clones, to managing the aftermath of pest and powdery mildew, and much more!

Here are a few of the highlights…

Mission: Possible

β€œYou want to make sure that you're working with good information, so you can make good decisions.” – Jason


β€œCrop steering is getting an intentional response from the plant by modifying the parameters that are influencing its growth.” – Jason

We Don’t Call Him The Professor for Nothing

"Anytime that you can get the technical, the scientific background, as far as plant behavior goes, that's going to get you a long way ahead in where the industry is going. It's also going to open up your opportunities as far as what type of hands-on application that you're using." – Jason

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