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AROYA Office Hours Episode Seventy: Going deep into P1s, P2s, pH balances, & More!

Bringing seventy sessions of crop-steering & cultivation goodness to all the Growmies!

Our 70th episode of Office Hours LIVE could not have been more lit! Jason and Seth ran the show and the community came through with plenty to talk about. The guys answered your burning questions about pH – covering everything from optimal pH range for plant nutrient uptake, maintaining proper runoff levels, and more. Not only that, they shared tips on optimal LED lighting and CO2 levels and talked about the importance of adequate air exchange.

Check out a few of our favorite hot takes from the episode:

Check the Perimeter

β€œEverything we do in the environment is really targeting optimal conditions in that first few millimeters around the plant surface.” - Seth

Getting to the Root of It

β€œIf I need to regulate my pH, then usually I'll just try and find what the cause of my pH issues are. Is it a nutrient imbalance? Is the nutrient composition not appropriate for what that plant is eating? And to address that, we can always send in for leaf tissue analysis and then we'll this idea of what nutrients are high in concentration in the plant.” – Jason

One of Many

β€œOne cool thing about cannabis is it doesn't take that terribly long to grow, so every two months I get to see what changes I made.” - Seth

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