Episode 69

AROYA Office Hours Episode Sixty-Nine: Hydrating media, herms, how transpiration relates to VPD, & More!

Sixty-nine episodes of FREE cultivation education – and no signs of slowing down!

We covered plenty of ground in this week’s session of Office Hours LIVE! Jason and Seth were both in the house, talking about everything from irrigation emitters and considerations when crop steering in living soil, to what’s happening with herms, and emphasizing the importance of choosing an appropriate pot size. 

Just a few of our favorite quotes from the show:

Balance Is Key

β€œYou've got to ride that line between what's popular in the market, and what can I do to be still unique?” - Seth

Transpiration Education

β€œWe're looking at the stomatal conductance when we talk about transpiration rate: how much of the pores in this plant are opened to the atmosphere? How much gas exchange is happening? How much water vapor are we losing through the stomates? And basically when the humidity is too high or temperatures too low looking at VPD that is low, then what's going on is those stomates aren't going to be open as much.” – Jason

What’s the Why?

β€œA good thing to remember is, you want to harvest that plant that is as healthy as possible at the time.” – Seth

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