Episode 68

AROYA Office Hours Episode Sixty-Eight: Stackable pots, CO2 targets, dialing in uniformity, & more!

Bringing a little extra heat to 4:20 every Thursday.

This week’s session had the whole team back together in studio, and our experts wasted no time answering questions from our amazing community! Among many other things, Seth and Jason covered the benefits and drawbacks of different media for mother plants, CO2 strategies, transplanting tips, and the importance of uniformity.

Catch these nuggets of wisdom…

Purple Reins

β€œThe purpling color is anthocyanin showing its colors in the plant. I see that in blueberries, huckleberries, and lots of other crops. The day-night difference is really a huge pusher for those. I personally like to sometimes keep my day temperatures a little bit higher than I typically see with people just to encourage as much plant growth as possible, keep that plant metabolism up. Then I'll drop my nighttime temps almost to 10 degrees to encourage that coloring. As far as when it happens, it's going to be a little bit strain dependent because we also want to think about how those cues are affecting the plants ripening.” – Jason 

The North Star

β€œVPD really is what we use as our guiding beacon to try to determine what that humidity needs to be at that temperature.” - Seth

Simplified Science

β€œWhen we look at the basic principles of the photosynthetic equation, we’re looking at water plus CO2, catalyzed by light.” - Jason

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