Episode 67

AROYA Office Hours Episode Sixty-Seven: Irrigation control setup, leaf surface temp techniques, hot tips for pheno hunts, & More!

Getting deep into the weeds of cultivation and crop steering!

We covered lots of ground while talking shop on this weekโ€™s session of Office Hours! Seth kicked off the show with an overview of how to set up AROYAโ€™s new irrigation control feature, discussed the factors that lead to fox tailing, and delved into the world of specialized nutrients for cannabis, among many other things!

Here are some of the highlightsโ€ฆ

Pheno Hunt SOPs

"If youโ€™ve got a pheno hunt, a good place to start is like, Hey, we need to figure out how to throw away 90% so that we can blow some up at least to 1 valve. And then we can properly evaluate how well it's going to perform for us." โ€“ Seth

Learn from Leaf Surface Temp

"If the leaf surface temp gets too high, then the VPD right around the leaf gets too highโ€ฆThat would be the case, let's say, where we have a 82-degree ambient temp HID room, but we have some hotspots in there under the lights where that leaf surface temp is actually like 86 degrees. Those particular leaves are hitting that point where they're actually starting to shut their stomata and slow down transpiration.โ€ โ€“ Seth

Break the Mold

"If my VPD drops below 1.0 in the last 2 weeks of flower for almost any amount of time, I'm going to be looking for mold. I can very much expect to see it." โ€“ Seth

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