Episode 66

AROYA Office Hours Episode Sixty-Six: Irrigation system flow; outdoor crop steering considerations; plus EC, VPD, and IPM, OMG!

Cultivating community - and greatness - every week!

Thanks to your very insightful questions, we got deep into the weeds on this week’s session of Office Hours! Among many things Seth covered the ins and outs of analyzing EC levels, why regularly maintaining and cleaning irrigation systems must always be a priority, and the roles research and experimentation play in agriculture. 

Check out these mic drop moments:


Getting to the heart of VPD.

β€œVPD is all about optimizing what's right around leaf surface, and making sure we're taking advantage of every hour that the lights are on.” - Seth

The key to profitability.

β€œAnytime that we're not able to take advantage of the full inputs that the room’s capable of putting down, we're actually not making as much money per square foot per day as what we want to make.” – Seth

Eyes on the prize.

β€œIdeally we want to have [plants] coming out of veg rocking.” - Seth

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