Episode 65

AROYA Office Hours Episode Sixty-Five: Root-in strategies, all the PMs (powdery mildew + pest management), what’s new with our Notifications Center, & More!

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This week’s session of Office Hours brought the whole team back together, and the cultivation conversation really was flowing thanks to our community! We went deep into the importance of having a root-in strategy, talked about pest management and powdery mildew, then gave you a tour of our newly revamped Notifications Center.

Just a few of the top quotes from this week’s episode…

The root of the matter.

“Looking at your holistic veg approach and saying, hey even if I am hand watering, what is my root-in strategy? Because if I just stick a plant in and then water it with a vegetative irrigation strategy, that's not rooting in and that's not exactly what we want to be doing.” – Seth

What would Thor do (about pests)?

“This is integrated pest management, not extermination, but we've got to strategically bring the hammer down sometimes to keep these populations under control. There's really no other way to go around it. And then also, if you haven't been growing a long time and let's say this is your fifth round and you're noticing this stuff coming back and getting worse at different times…if you're not doing a really good job, cleaning out your room between rounds, how can we expect the next round to be bug-free if they've actually taken up residence inside of your grow space and you're not getting rid of them on a regular basis?” – Seth

Back to generative stacking basics.

“When we do the larger dry bags, we’re decreasing the osmotic potential between the substrate and the roots, which is going to make it so that the plant stacks up a little bit shorter. And so that's usually why we  talk about generative stacking – one, because we're trying to get those node spaces nice and tight, and then two, usually we're trying to let the EC rise up a little bit throughout that generative stacking period.” – Jason



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