Episode 63

AROYA Office Hours Episode Sixty-Three: Topping, pinching, & other canopy considerations; ATMOS 14 overview; & More!

Your favorite grower’s favorite podcast was lit this week!

In this week’s session of Office Hours, Jason deep dives into the effectiveness of topping and pinching, the importance of adjusting irrigations based on substrate size, and gives an in-depth overview of the ATMOS 14 climate station.

This week’s session was packed with wisdom nuggets – here are a few of our favorites from Episode 63:

Looking for your best buds?

“Plant height is important for predictable crops. Veg longer for optimal results. Tracking plant heights during generative stages yields best bud quality.” – Jason

To top or not to top, that is the question.

“Topping plants can slow their growth and reduce yield, but can be helpful in limited light or height situations. Pinching can be a successful alternative. Cloning and consistency may eliminate the need for topping.” – Jason

Growers need ATMOS-level accuracy.

“When choosing thermometers or humidistats, look for NIST-certified handheld devices with good accuracy specifications that match the ATMOS 14. For commercial use, choose reputable brands and read reviews. For HVAC units, use canopy-mounted sensors from the building automation industry and invest in a reliable, accurate sensor.” – Jason



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