Episode 62

AROYA Office Hours Episode Sixty-Two: Steering for terpenes, coco advice, IPM, & More!

It’s 4/20 everywhere!

There’s no higher holiday than 4/20, and we have this week’s session of Office Hours to prove it! Seth and Jason covered everything from generative steer parameters and considerations for organic cannabis farming, to the importance of maintaining proper plant health and hygiene to being proactive about preventing mold growth. Plus, the people have spoken and Doritos are the best munchie.

Everyday is a good day to celebrate the plant – let’s check out a few of the highlights from our 4/20 session:

Big picture thinking.

“Everything about crop steering is holistic; we've got our irrigation strategies, but whenever you're reviewing your data, whether they're basic crop registration or environmental data, you also want to look at any inconsistencies you have in your system and account for those.” - Seth

It’s all about continuous improvement.

“Numbers are going to vary wildly and your skill as a cultivator is being able to manage the difference in what you're seeing from crop to crop.” - Seth


“Your first best IPM is having healthy plants. So, cleanliness and healthiness, just like us. You live in a clean house, you take care of yourself. You don't get sick as much.” - Seth



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