Episode 59

AROYA Office Hours Episode Fifty-Nine: Ellie Coyne, COO at East Coast Cure, Joins Us!

Holy terps, Dabman! We just wrapped our best sesh of cultivation education yet.

When you have friends in high places (haaaaa) like we do, sometimes it’s fun to tap into their knowledge. And for episode 59 of AROYA Office Hours, we got to chat with Ellie Coyne, Chief Operating Officer at East Coast Cure up in Bangor, Maine. She’s changing the grow game out in the Pine Tree State, pheno-hunting and bringing back strains some of us haven’t seen since the Woodstock era.

But we had a lot to learn from her about how to grow—not just cannabis—but a thriving canna-business. Her brand has a reputation that speaks for itself, so we had to dig into the techniques and tech she’s using to dial in on quality and always produce what the market in Maine is looking for. Then you know we got into some intense crop steering discussions, answering audience questions about foxtailing, how to fix high EC in substrate after runoff, and ideal sensor placement at the canopy. Get ready for a lot of learnings from this one! Keep reading for the best key takeaways from E59!

The right tools make it easy.

“Work smarter, not harder. If there's an investment that you can make into a system, such as AROYA or investing into yourself, you're gonna see that pay off in the long run. Use tools that are here to help you.” - Ellie Coyne, COO at East Coast Cure

This is one way growers can learn from their data.

“We always gotta go back and look and when plants don't heal, fix the problem and don't repeat it. I think that's the biggest lesson…” - Seth

It’s like growing in 4D.

“I remember the first time hearing all these stats [on AROYA] and I'm just like, ‘Wow. This is like turning a completely different chapter. You're in a different book now.’ Now you're able to actually dial in, crop steer, and get the desired results. The numbers are there. It's up to you.” - Ellie

Enough said!

“Terps are life.” - Ellie Coyne, COO at East Coast Cure

Growing is life. Life is all about continuous improvement.

“Stay on your craft. Never stop learning. The second that you shut yourself off to learning more about your craft—that's when you're gonna start failing.” - Ellie



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