Episode 58

AROYA Office Hours Episode Fifty-Eight: Field Capacity, Terps, Irrigation Strategy & When to Measure Leaf Temps

We never get tired of learning about the science behind cannabis cultivation.

That’s why we have our weekly podcast, made just for you, growers. And this week’s sesh was back to our tried-and-true crop steering Q&A. Jason held it down in the studio while Seth called in from on the road (and in a plane near the end of this episode). Without giving too much away…

Get ready to learn a lot about how to continuously improve your processes in the grow room. We talked about a ton of topics, from tips on irrigation and how to streamline your strategy. We also got into leaf temps and when it’s best to measure them. We talked about DLI. Of course we covered EC and runoff. Terpene boosting, resin production, and how to improve the overall quality of your buds? Triple check. Dang, we said we wouldn’t give too much away! Alright, without further ado. Here’s the key takeaways from episode 58 along with the full video podcast. Enjoy!

It’s called “setting yourself up for success,” but with your plants.

“Start off with the best slate you can when getting started with a growth cycle.” – Jason

Make sense of your data and you can do anything.

“We're all human; we invented things like writing to help us keep track of information. And if you've got even four rooms in flower, you've cranked out a lot of crops in two years. So, you want to be really good at organizing that data, that way if you do run into a problem, you can actually identify it.” – Seth

Why time is crucial for cultivators.

“Every day later is harder to fix changes or mistakes; each day lost in production is one that we can't have back to have the optimal product.” – Jason

Aww, thanks man.

“Your information really is a major point that you can use to affect your decisions in the future and learn from what you've done in the past. And I think that the platform, as it continues to expand, offers a lot of these places where that information can be input and really create a log, whether it's of an individual cultivar or an entire room, if it's monocropped.” – Bilbo Baggins, friend and fellow cultivator

Truer words were never spoken on the podcast.

“Each run is a learning experience.” – Seth



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