Episode 57

AROYA Office Hours Episode Fifty-Seven: We Chat with Anna Willey, Founder & CEO of CAM!

Dig into the realities of scaling a successful cannabusiness with Anna Willey of CAM!

Our weekly virtual podcast for cultivators keeps growing, and so does our knowledge of all things crop steering! This week was one for Office Hours history books, as Anna Willey, Founder and CEO of California Artisanal Medicine (CAM), joined us to talk about her experience in the cannabis industry and what it takes to grow to her level.

Team AROYA had a bunch of questions to ask her about how she grows, what sheโ€™s seeing in the industry in California, and the realities of growing this plant while also trying to grow your brand. Then we got to your crop steering questions (thank you all for your submissions over the last few weeks while we were OOO). Before we wrapped this sesh, we also got down and dirty with some EC data sent in to us from Instagram. Well, without giving too much awayโ€ฆCheck out the key takeaways from AROYA Office Hours episode 57!

Implement tech that can grow with you.

โ€œWe've been using AROYA for three and a half years now, and being able to grow with the technology platform as well has been amazing; learning how we can utilize the data to our best ability has made us comfortable to go into a 2,000-light facility.โ€ - Anna Willey, Founder & CEO of CAM

As cultivators, we must follow through on all stages of production.

โ€œPost-processing is just as important as cultivation.โ€ - Anna Willey

You can learn from the haters (sometimes).

โ€œYou can't be scared of the feedback, even if it's bad; you got to address it. And knowing that if you put something bad into the jar, you're going to hear about it.โ€ - Anna Willey

Make it easy to grow into your next phase.

โ€œEveryone goes through growing pains when they scale; data helps.โ€ - Anna Willey

Someone watches the show!

โ€œWe don't believe in flushing here.โ€ - Anna Willey


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