Episode 56

AROYA Office Hours Episode Fifty-Six: We Talk Curing, Humidity, Leaf Temp & More

What if we told you that crop steering was our special interest?

Each week and with each podcast episode we film, one fact becomes more apparent about our team. We love learning about cultivation! And we know yโ€™all do too, because we may have had our most packed show ever. Seth and Jason got to talk about a ton of topics on episode 56, including ways to ensure your curing process goes smoothly, a breakdown of humidity, and the importance of knowing leaf temperature. Thanks to everyone who logged on live with us! In case you werenโ€™t able to for this sesh, we gotchu.

Drop in on the key takeaways from AROYA Office Hours episode 56.

Big concepts, simplified and adapted to commercial cultivation.

โ€œWe've done a lot of work to bring greater soil science down into this small pot. When we're talking about working with cannabis production, you're just blowing it back up from where we shrunk it down to.โ€ - Seth Baumgartner

The importance of proper curing.

โ€œIf you've got a premium brand built up, someone opens it and there's just no nose and it smells like hay, they're not coming back as a customer.โ€ - Seth

Use the tools if you got โ€˜em.

โ€œKeep an eye on water activity, if you have equipment to do so.โ€ - Jason Van Leuven

Crop steering is kind of like a countdownโ€ฆ

โ€œThe farther we get into any grow cycle, the less we can do to influence the outcomes.โ€ - Seth

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