Episode 55

AROYA Office Hours Episode Fifty-Five: Chats with Guest Cultivator, Dylan from Grizzly Farms PDX!

Drop in on the hottest educational podcast to hit the scene for growers!

Swapping plants for podcasts, we chopped it up on our last sesh with friend and fellow cultivator, Dylan Congdon Facility Manager at Grizzly Farms PDX. And what an amazing discussion we had! We talked about the realities of being a grower (and the ways in which data can make life a lot easier for us). We got to ask Dylan about his journey from legacy grower to Facility Manager and his perspectives on the industry. And of course, we got to answer your questions about growing!

In case you missed it, here are the key takeaways from AROYA Office Hours episode 55.

Grow. Learn. Do better next run.

β€œA good grower is someone who learns how to overcome problems, not someone who hasn't dealt with them.” - Dylan, Facility Manager at Grizzly Farms PDX

Data gives you an edge.

β€œOne thing I think is rad though, now that we're entering this world of sensing and data aggregation and utilization, talking about genetics. Now when you run these things, at this point in time, you're kind of on the cutting edge of actually being able to say, β€˜how does this strain grow?’” - Seth

Cultivate better communication (AROYA helps).

β€œLet's actually look at this data and make an informed decision, which a lot of times can be the biggest problem in an organization. It's not the tools. It's not the plants. It's not even the people, but how you're communicating. And I think AROYA has really helped with our communication, at least over here to really see that data and be able to apply it.” - Dylan, Facility Manager at Grizzly Farms PDX

A few words about growing as a cultivator.

β€œFail faster. You're going to learn from your losses, you're going to learn from those lessons and so don't be set back if you mess up somewhere. If you're uncomfortable, that's where you're growing the most.”  - Dylan, Facility Manager at Grizzly Farms PDX

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