Episode 54

AROYA Office Hours Episode Fifty-Four: Runoff, Drybacks, P1s, P2s, P3s โ€“ Oh My!

Looking for the best free education resource for growers? Youโ€™re in the right place.

Week after week, weโ€™re amazed at the wealth of cultivation education we get from AROYA Office Hours, from Seth and Jason and our live virtual audience. For episode 54 the house was packed, and Seth handled this sesh solo with Kaisha moderating your growing questions from Instagram, YouTube Live, and our live show.

The Q&A was hot, consisting of topics like the pros and cons of substrates, quick rundowns on irrigation phases and why we like to measure Volumetric Water Content around here, then we chatted about what weโ€™re seeing in our evolving cannabis industry when we visit our friends and clients in the field.

Get ready for this one, growers. We have the key takeaways ready for you here, with the full sesh for those who want to deep dive into the crop steering education we provide here at AROYA. Enjoy!

This is why we say patience is important.

โ€œGoing back to the basics; you start with a program and you watch it until it starts to fall outta range, and then you modify it and then again, over time, take that data and simplify.โ€ -Seth Baumgartner

No grower wants to drown in data. So keep it simple!

โ€œIt's really easy to hit that data overload and go make a change every single day.โ€  -Seth Baumgartner

Become the Ace of base(lines).

โ€œIt's important to really track whatโ€™s actually working for you and try to identify that.

And if you made a lot of changes at once, well, you might have just set a new baseline and you might have to worry less about which of those things did it and make sure you're keeping all of those different variables in range.โ€ -Seth Baumgartner

Some problems in the garden require more creative solutions.

โ€œWith a hundred or so levers that you can pull in any one harvest, it's easy to just become obsessed with changing and changing and having a knee-jerk reaction to โ€˜this must be the problem.โ€™ I always ask what different questions get asked to me, or a problem is brought to my attention and I ask, โ€˜okay, well, what changed from the last [crop] registration to today?โ€™ And think outside the box because it could be things you don't normally look at.โ€ - B. Baggins

Irrigation is not โ€œset it and forget itโ€ when inconsistencies are a factor.

โ€œThat I've run into quite a bit of people getting really comfortable with a specific irrigation strategy and then just run and repeat, run and repeat, run and repeat. And that's kind of tough because if you miss any part of your process along the way and your plants are at all differently-sized, your irrigation strategy might be a little bit off and you might run it wrong for a while until you realize that.โ€  -Seth Baumgartner

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