Episode 52

AROYA Office Hours Episode Fifty-Two: A Guest Grower and Our Crop Steering Q&A!

When the growing gets tough, the tough get growing on the biggest free cultivation resource—AROYA Office Hours!

The cultivation education never stops around here, and last week's AROYA Office Hours was a perfect example of this fact. That's because we had a very special guest cultivator on, Daniel Villarreal from STIIIZY, to share his philosophies on growing and his thoughts on the industry.

Jason and Seth talked shopped with him before we got into our crop steering questions from this week, which included topics like pH imbalance, EC and runoff when shot feeding, and annotation features in the AROYA app.

Without giving too much away, here are the key takeaways from E52! Enjoy!

We're all here for a reason.

"I think just having such a history with the plant. I just always see myself being in the industry, regardless of what happens in my life; I want to be connected to it for some reason. I don't know what that reason is, but I'm drawn to it. And I just feel really blessed to even be here." -- Daniel Villarreal

Standardization is key.

"Equalizing your inputs—if you can standardize those run to run, you can get a really good baseline of what your cost of goods actually is." -- Seth Baumgartner

Use the tools at your disposal (and always wear a seatbelt).

"You know, I'm a great driver and I still wear a seatbelt everyday. So, even with the best product coming out, it's nice to have something to refresh your knowledge, as far as what are my inconsistencies in the room, or is my environment acting appropriately? And keeping tabs on that stuff when you're too busy to do that yourself." -- Jason Van Leuven

Knowing is half the battle.

"That 24/7 data monitoring helps you repeat it, you know, when you actually do some— not by accident—but you get it right. Knowing is half the battle. It's horrible when you have your best run, your best run ever, and then you look back and go, ‘What did we do differently?’ as you’re looking for your notes." -- Seth Baumgartner

Make the work easier on yourself.

"At the end of the day, if you don't have the tools—any kind of farming—it's hard work." -- Seth Baumgartner

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