Episode 51

AROYA Office Hours Episode Fifty-One (1/12): Crop Registrations, LEDs, Lighting, & the TEROS 12

Run, don't walk! To this recap of E51 of AROYA Office Hours!

What do you get when you connect a worldwide virtual community of cultivators to talk and share their knowledge about growing cannabis together?

You'd get our show, AROYA Office Hours. And boy oh boy, did we have the crop steering discussion on our last sesh. We talked lighting. We went into the importance of crop registration, and how it can be used to continuously improve your harvests, run after run. And we got down and dirty about the calibration (or lack thereof) you'll have to do with the TEROS 12. 

But y'all know how we do. We have the takeaways from episode 51 for you here, along with the full video. Keep reading and enjoy!

A new way to think about "stress."

β€œ[The word β€œstress”] is kind of a little bit of a misconception. Stress is not my favorite term to use when we're crop steering. I just like to think about how we're manipulating the environment that the plant is in, both the environment in the air and in the substrate. So, if we're stressing things, if we're seeing plants drooping, usually we've gone too far modifying a parameter and that can't affect long.” -- Jason Van Leuven

Your feedback is invaluable to us.

β€œI've been getting a lot of great feedback about people enjoying the show; it takes the contributors asking the questions to really drive how much knowledge we can get out there. So, big thanks to everyone that participates, whether it be asking questions on Instagram or jumping in for the show itself. That's really what makes this great.” -- Jason Van Leuven

Little timesavers add up to big improvements.

β€œThat's one of the challenges that I was very excited to tackle while I was cultivating, was how can I automate some of this information, whether it's taking plant height with security cameras, whether it was substrate sensors with TEROS 12s, whether it was, implementing outside measurements, and running comparisons so that the operation didn't care whether it was Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter. All those gave me more time to accelerate the improvements that we could make because instead of taking them, I was analyzing.” -- Jason Van Leuven


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