Episode 50

AROYA Office Hours Episode Fifty: Our Cultivation Q&A with Special Guest Grower, Jack Whipple!

We’re back from the holiday break and ready to celebrate episode fifty! We hope you all had great times over the hiatus - we know we did!

But getting right to it this year, we had one of our favorite people on our latest sesh, Jack Whipple from Whipple Effect! He’s part of the team that helps consult emerging canna-businesses around the country and outfit them with the right systems and nutrients to keep them growing at their best. His cannabis genetics brand, Psychonaut Genetics, is sought after all over the world. Between his cultivation expertise and his operations experience, he’s got a lot to share to help growers. So you know we had to have him on the show. 

What went down was something for AROYA Office Hours history books. We’ll just leave it at that. Without further ado, check out the highlights from E50!

We can have the best system but at the end of the day...

“It’s all about the team.” - Jack Whipple, Whipple Effect

The book that’s been three years in the making.

“Our goal is to reach out to as many people as possible because we really wrote this book [The CCI Book] with the intention of helping every single person that buys it; even if you're an incredible grower, you're gonna learn so much” - Jack Whipple

This is why we’re all here, the commitment to this plant.

“Cannabis is a lifestyle. The plants don't sleep or go on holidays. You have to show up for them. You have to care about them. You have to pay attention to them.” - Jack Whipple

Guiding words to help guide plants

“We have a saying at Whipple Effect: “The plants are the boss.” - Jack Whipple


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