Episode 5

AROYA Office Hours Episode Five (12/16): Sensors and EC

It may have been our final installment of AROYA Office Hours, but it did not disappoint.

We went out with a bang, answering a flood of great questions that our curious cultivators sent in about electrical conductivity (EC) and sensors that test water content.

Hosted by CEO Scott Campbell and Director of Customer Success, Jason Van Leuven, episode five was even blessed with a special guest, Dr. Gaylon Campbell, one of the founders of METER Group.

Because of the sheer number of questions received, we went right into the science behind sensors and why they're so important in cannabis cultivation. Get a taste of a few of the highlights and catch the video below:

Bulk EC won't give you the full picture.

β€œThis is the first problem that we overcome through converting bulk EC to pore water, is that if you're just measuring bulk EC, you actually don't know what plant stresses are being created. So that's really critical to know the difference between the two and also to know that in AROYA, we're measuring pore water EC and writing that to the cultivar record … the cultivars cultivation. This is how the pore water EC is related to the bulk EC.” -- Scott Campbell

Turn it up, especially during dry back.

β€œThat is, in fact, one of the things that you're looking for generative steering … is that ramping up of the electrical conductivity during the dry back.” -- Gaylon Campbell

Sensors, backed by decades of scientific precision.

β€œIt's really hard and very difficult to make an instrument that measures things correctly every single time. And that's the dedication that we put into products like AQUALAB that measure water activity.” -- Scott Campbell

Automation can help guide consistency in crop steering.

β€œBeing able to have insight into your substrate and understanding of what you're doing currently is very important because you can make small modifications to how you're creating those plants. But without automation you would have to be spending maybe all day in there giving the water shots at the right time so that you can achieve the types of crop steering that you want.” -- Jason Van Leuven


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