Episode 49

AROYA Office Hours Episode Forty-Nine: Close Out 2022 with Us as Jason Answers a Crop of Fresh Questions!

We’re rolling right into the holidays with crop steering on our minds on episode 49.

Wow, just wow. We’ve made it to the end of 2022. I think if there was one anchor in all of our lives this year, it would be this show, our weekly session for cultivators to log on and learn with each other about all of the ways to grow our plants and canna-businesses. But looking back, this year has given us more than knowledge. 

It’s given us a foundation to keep growing our community. And for that, we’re forever grateful to have a platform to share our experiences and learn from you all. We’re in it for the long haul and we hope that you’ll join us again next year.

Without giving too much away for what we have planned for our 50th episode on January 5th…check out the highlights from our last sesh! We’ll see you in 2023!

Documentation and data change the game.

“The best thing you can do is use your tools to build the knowledge that you're at and then reassess using those tools. Ask yourself: Did I make an improvement? How many things did I change? Which one of them made the difference?” - Jason Van Leuven


Before you solve the issue, learn why it happened in the first place.

”Almost anytime that you hear Seth and I talk about solutions to solve problems, that comes down to why are we dealing with this problem rather than what can we do right now to make things better.” - Jason

You can learn so much from WC and EC.

“Looking at water content and EC is such a universal tool. Anytime that we have some type of media that we're growing with, we want to make sure that we're staying in the ranges that keep that media effective.” - Jason

What are you driving?

“I always like to think about it as a Lamborghini versus a Jeep: they're both gonna get us there, it depends what the road looks like if we want to choose the best product for the trip.” - Jason

From nutrients to labor, keep in mind...

“Every input is a cost.” - Jason


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