Episode 47

AROYA Office Hours Episode Forty-Seven: Our Usual Crop Steering Q&A and a Very Special Guest—Mikey Giersch of Vertical!

We’re learning from the best of ‘em. See what we took away from episode 47!

The cultivation education never stops around here, and for this episode we had too many experienced cultivators in one virtual meeting room to count. One of them was a very special guest, Michael Giersch, Grow Systems Manager at Vertical. He’s our friend and an OG Office Hours attendee, and leads a team of growers out at the Needles, California grow operation. 

So of course we had to get him on the show to hear what he’s learned in his years in the garden and how he’s using data to dial in on his crop steering techniques!

Without giving too much away, dive into the best moments we had with our audience, with Michael at the helm, on E47!

Don’t make it hard.

“Working with your team is the only way to succeed at this level.” -Michael Giersch at Vertical

Mixing the old with the new (but only practices that work).

“It's about bridging that gap between the information we're being provided and working it into the old-fashioned style of growing and trying to integrate the newer practices into what we've been doing that we know is successful.” - Michael Giersch

Experienced consumers are pushing our standards higher.

“The longer you spend in the industry, you're hanging out with your friends, you start smoking a little better product. If you're interested in continuing using that product, you're gonna start looking for better versions of it. Few people are gonna stick with the cheapest, worst version of what they find. And the more consumers we have gaining more experience, the more consumers we have pushing for better product.” - Michael Giersch

Another way to look at crop steering…

“You know, you can have the education, but you've also gotta have the experience. Again, it's half science and half art. So you've gotta study and you've gotta apply.” -Seth Baumgartner


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