Episode 46

AROYA Office Hours Episode Forty-Six: Live Irrigation Control Preview and Our Standing Crop Steering Q&A!

Get a peek at our new irrigation control and see what growing questions we had on episode 46!

We're getting closer to our 50th episode, and this one was a real treat. That's because we got to see a sneak peek into the new irrigation control features that AROYA is offering growers with our new OpenSprinkler integration. 

That's right, Jason took us through the platform and showed us how easy it was to set up, sync controllers, start setting up irrigation schedules, and even how to build an irrigation template and attach that to a harvest group. 

We also got to your crop steering questions, which centered around cloning, SOPs, and  why we never want to push our plants to wilting point (you can't undo some stress). Without further ado, here's the highlights from E46, fresh and ready for ya!

This is why we advocate for streamlining SOPs

“Cloning is an expensive procedure; it's even more expensive if you're not doing it as effectively as you possibly can.” - Jason Van Leuven

It's not a one-size-fits-all (although we wish it was)

“It's really important to remember that crop steering is not one program; it's a set of tools and it's gonna be applied slightly differently to different strains in different situations.” - Seth Baumgartner

Every day counts in the garden

“As big a head start as we can get with these plants, the more days we can cut off our cycle and increase or maintain production quantities.” - Jason

An ounce of prevention...

“Remember that plants don't heal. That's the worst part. As a grower, you walk in everyday and you see a dying leaf or something, and then it never turns green again. Well, it's never going to. That's just an unfortunate reality.” - Seth


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