Episode 45

AROYA Office Hours Episode Forty-Five: Common Pests, Thrips, Overall IPM Strategy, and TEROS 12 Tips

Enjoy these fresh nuggets of wisdom from our last episode! 

An amazing thing happens when you get this many cannabis cultivators together to learn and share their knowledge. We see things, like issues with pest management, in a new light. We start asking the right questions, so we can dial in on our crop steering strategies with pinpoint precision. And we all raise the standard of what's possible in the grow room.

And that all leads to better bud and a much more profitable product overall. We're here for it!

Keep reading to take in the key learnings from episode forty-five, which centered heavily on the topic of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and how AROYA can help you stay on top of the common (and not-so-common) pests you may find in your grow.


Truer words were never spoken in the grow room

“It's a lot harder to get rid of pests than it is to think about prevention for next time.” - Jason Van Leuven

Live and learn — and keep up with those SOPs

“Once you have 'em, it's a lot harder to get rid of 'em than it is to think about prevention for next time. But anytime I'm doing IPM, it's the thought of, “where did this come from? Why is it introduced into the plants now? Was there some recent changes that are going on at the facility?” - Jason

Don't give them what they want

“Generally speaking, once we move to a controlled environment, the best way to avoid disease is to not provide an environment that can cultivate it.” - Seth


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