Episode 44

AROYA Office Hours Episode Forty-Four: Plant vs. Pot Size, Facility Overhead, Clones and Moms

Learn how to crop steer your way to better quality and yields on our latest sesh!

What a month. We're coming down from a crazy Croptober—how have you all been?

This week on AROYA Office Hours Seth handled the Q&A solo, teaching us his tried-and-true ways of growing on E44. We learned why pot size is important for crop steering, had discussions about the overhead cultivators face in their facilities, and got into the weeds about clones and moms. But that's just the start!

With so much to discover about cannabis cultivation and how to grow your cannabusiness into 2023 and beyond, we've boiled it down to the key takeaways from this sesh. Keep reading for those and the full video from E44!

Make sure your product represents your skills

“If you're a cultivator, you want your product to be represented a certain way. You don't want it to hit the shelf and be something that you would consider to be inferior, that you wouldn't smoke. So I think it's really important for user and quality and, you know, even if, let's say cultivation your, your duty ends once it's in the dry room again, you really want that representation because going down the line, part of your skill as a cultivator is gonna be able to produce this good product regardless of what facility you're in. So, it's not in anyone's interest to put out light, over-dried, under-dried…anything but premium product.” - Seth Baumgartner

Put enough gas in it, growers

“And that's one of the driving factors \[pot size\]. We, if we're gonna steer the car or the tractor, in this case, we've gotta have a gas tank. And if you don't have a big enough gas tank, you're just not gonna get very far without refueling.” - Seth

Let's boil it down to basics

“There's three big things plants really love: CO2, water, and light. Those are their main building blocks. Everything else is to accomplish what those three things are trying to build. And when we limit any of those, we're possibly leaving something on the table.” - Seth

The other side to cultivation no one talks about...

“I think that's one of the hardest challenges about all this, is most of us entered this out of a passion for the plant, passion for the craft. And at the end of the day, you gotta find some passion for small to medium-sized business management—and humans.” - Seth

We can grow our business and still be sustainable

“Business and environmental sustainability are not at all mutually exclusive. I think that is a total myth out there that's just been propagated by people who are scared to do extra work and try to meet in the middle there.” - Seth

Get that bird's eye view!

“Just remember to step back and try to look at everything as holistically as you can. If you're having a problem and you're really struggling to solve it, there's a good chance you're just, you're kind of stuck in a box and you've gotta step outside of it.” - Seth


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