AROYA Office Hours Episode Forty-Three: Cloning, Calcium, Stacking, and New Terms

Our audience is growing and so are we! Learn what knowledge Jason and Seth dropped this week.

What do you get when you put two cultivators in a studio and give them an hour to answer crop steering questions sent in from growers all around the world? That's an easy one, it's AROYA Office Hours!

And last session Jason and Seth shared a wealth of cultivation education with us, including tips for cloning, different Calciums used in the garden (and which ones to avoid), and stacking. We also learned a few new terms that take us deeper into the science behind growing cannabis, like "turgor pressure" and "ammoniacal". Our lovely Kaisha has already whipped up an easy explanation for both terms on this [quick-read deep dive blog](https://aroya.io/resources/office-hours-ep-43-post-sesh-deep-dive/). Check that bad boy out!

But if you're here for the E43 re-cap with key takeaways and full video, you're in the right place already. Keep reading for all of the highlights from our last episode!



Get an answer quicker with tissue analysis

“It's usually a lot more simple and I just wanna stress that, people shouldn't get scared of those tissue analysis results and really look for simple solutions before trying out some new wild product that you've never tried before, three quarters of the way through the run.” - Seth Baumgartner

Another case for tissue analysis

“I get a lot of questions, people will send me a picture of their leaf and like, ‘Hey, what's going on here?’ And it's really hard to tell specifically what that's trying to say. If you do have other symptoms that suggest nutrient imbalance, send it in for a leaf tissue analysis…they'll give you an idea which components of your nutrients and which elements in there are out of expected ranges for cannabis.” - Jason Van Leuven

Every lesson teaches us to grow better

“That is one of the fun things about a greenhouse though; you have all these dynamic things going on that are a challenge.” - Seth

Facility upgrades must have a return on investment, too

“We don't wanna take it for things that aren't directly producing us money. Like, more light makes me more money, more airflow…it's good for my plants, but it's not the same correlation for power usage.” - Seth


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