Episode 40

AROYA Office Hours Episode Forty: Coco, Feed EC, Mold, Hardware, and Plant Pot Proportion

You came with the crop steering questions; Seth and Jason came with the answers on our latest sesh!

If podcast episodes were years, we just hopped over the hill for our 40th. And unlike my estranged uncle's birthday, it did not disappoint ... that's because we had Jason and Seth at the helm to help us cultivate our way to more success in the garden!

What did we cover in this session? We touched on a record number of questions submitted to us via Instagram, YouTube Live, and even within the AROYA app (did you know you can do that now in the Resource Center?). The guys got into coco, a little bit about feed EC, and some ways you can reduce the likelihood of developing mold. Cannabis tech and hardware? You know we conversed about that, too.

For all the nuggets in this episode, check out the full episode embedded below. And keep reading to catch up on some of the key takeaways from Seth and Jason this week!

A case for making improvements quickly.

β€œAs our plant grows, the impact of making an improvement to that plant environment, to irrigation decreases, because that plant has less life left to basically grow off the improvements that we've made. So if we keep things as tight as possible early on … that's really going to pay off in the end.” -- Jason Van Leuven

At the end of the day...

β€œBeing a grower is learning when you can let things bother you, and when you need to put them down and say, β€˜Okay, that does bother me, but that is not a factor I need to worry about.’” -- Seth Baumgartner

When it comes to your canna-business.

β€œDon't take chances unless you're willing to throw your weed away.” -- Seth

The game of Wait and See.

β€œYou can read a set of irrigation instructions over and over and over, and if you are looking at what kind of physiological changes and morphological changes we're producing with the plant, then, you're kind of just waiting to see what happens.” -- Seth

Words Jason lives by.

β€œWhen in doubt, measure it yourself.” -- Jason

Setting yourself up for success in the grow room.

β€œAt the end of the day, we're always playing a game of averages and working on a range for every parameter we're looking at. The best we can do is try to equip ourselves so we can make that range narrower and narrower.” -- Seth


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