Episode 4

AROYA Office Hours Episode Four (12/9): Task Management

Going into 2022, companies don't just have incentive to improve efficiency; if they're going to keep up with the monumental growth happening in the cannabis community and cultivation industries, improving productivity is vital.

 Teams that adapt with new technology don't just accomplish more, they can also learn from and empower each other to grow to new heights at their grow ops.

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Episode four was full of ways to streamline your processes, in addition to several shortcuts to get you started managing tasks quickly in the AROYA KIOSK app. And wouldn't you know it, our Director of Customer Success, Jason Van Leuven, even had a special guestβ€”Phil Malmquist, AROYA's Managing Director. Check out the highlights from this week's discussion.

Harvest groups help by compartmentalizing.

β€œWhen we talk about a harvest group, we can talk about either the beginning of veg, throughout flower, all the way through processing right nowβ€”the inputs through the whole cycle. And we know the outputs and that's what gives you that comparable chunk of data from cycle to cycle.” -- Jason Van Leuven, Director of Customer Success

Focus on the plant, not mindless tasking.

β€œ[It’s] really just applying a copy/paste to when your next growth cycle is going on. There's hundreds … maybe thousands of tasks going on at a facility over the course of months or a year. And there’s no reason to be building those out, to be scheduling them manually, or counting days. Any of that type of stuff is probably more work than we want to be doing on site. That focus needs to be on the productivity of the facility, to growth in the plants and making sure that work actually gets done.” -- Jason Van Leuven

A note about annotations...

β€œSo being able to actually see the data, obviously you're recording your data, but being able to analyze it, enter notes into the graph with what you were thinking or what your conclusions were, but also being able to assign tasks right there.” -- Phil Malmquist, Managing Director

Tech that empowers your team.

β€œIt's not only about managing your team, but it's managing them through giving them authority or a sense of control, because they have everything right there in their mobile app. They have the [AROYA] KIOSK, they have the mobile app, they can go in and do what they've been assigned to do, but they have everything on the platform. And they get to use it just like everyone else. So as far as I've seen, it really creates a sense of happiness, a sense of control, because I know what I'm supposed to do. It's right here in my pocket. I got the descriptions right there and it helps you manage your team by helping the team manage themselves, if you will. Less energy goes towards actually telling the team what to do, or writing on those whiteboards.”-- Phil Malmquist

Software can keep everyone on track.

β€œIt definitely empowers people to be making the right decisions.” -- Jason Van Leuven

There's a better way to cultivate the future of your operations.

β€œIf you're not using data logging, that means that most of that information is coming in with manual energy from your employees.” -- Jason Van Leuven


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