Episode 39

AROYA Office Hours Episode Thirty-Nine: Crop Steering Theories, Generative vs Vegetative Steering, EC, and VPD

There are few constants in this world, but one thing is for sure: AROYA Office Hours will be here every Thursday to help cultivators around the country crop steer their way to more success.

That means when we log on at 4:20 Eastern time, we're here for YOU, to answer your questions about cannabis cultivation, share our education that we've gathered from growers in the field, and go over ways to set your canna-business up for success with the right tech and tools.

Team AROYA jumped straight to the questions this weekβ€”you all submitted a lot! The ones we weren't able to cover were saved for this week, but here's what we got to touch on for episode thirty-nine: lots about generative and vegetative steering, EC and the factors that can affect it, and a very brief definition of crop steering. In case you missed it, here's the recap from our last sesh.

Your future success depends on dealing with past problems.

β€œIt's very tempting to try to deal with tomorrow's problems, today's problems, and yesterday's problems. But what we really need to do is look back and deal with the problems that happened two months ago, when we're about to repeat that cycle.” -- Seth Baumgartner

Have a plan, but adjust when necessary.

β€œThat's where continuous improvement comes from is how tightly can we operate within our plan. And do we need to adjust the plan if we are operating tightly to that plan?” -- Jason Van Leuven

The right tools can back up your hunches.

β€œWithout the tools, it's a lot harder to have the confidence that you're doing the right, especially if you can't look back and say, β€˜Hey, that's where we messed up last time.’ Even though we're trying to do the same strategy.” -- Seth

The best growers find a balance...

β€œWe've always got to find that medium between the cool stuff in science and then actual on-the-ground application.” -- Seth

We really cannot stress this enough.

β€œWe're not trying to torture those plants and make them grow less; we're trying to focus that growth on increased bud sites, increased stem diameter, and we're really promoting a better PGR balance in there.” -- Seth

Look at the whole picture (AROYA helps).

β€œWe've got a plan for the best worlds for both we're playing a game of averages at the end of the day. So, just like in statistics, when we see one outlier, sometimes it's initially concerning. But if we look at the whole and what we're actually able to treat practically, then kind of dial it back.” -- Seth


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