Episode 38

AROYA Office Hours Episode Thirty-Eight: Genetics, Sensor Density, Fox-tailing, and Crop Steering

What happens when you finally get four podcasters in a room to share their knowledge and talk all things cannabis cultivation?

You'd get our last episode of AROYA Office Hours, where we answered your crop steering questions, live and in-person, for the very first time. While our producer might still hate us for the surprise sesh with Jason, Seth, Kaisha, and Mandy, we think you'll agreeโ€”this was one ๐Ÿ”ฅ episode filled with a ton of new cultivation topics to learn about, like genetics, fox-tailing, and the story behind the partnership with AROYA and Ramsey Nubani.

Keep reading for some fun nuggets we pulled from episode thirty-eight, along with the full video!

Horticulture is the art; you are the artisan.

โ€œI always say that horticultureโ€™s an art and a science, and you're not really an artist so much as an artisan. You need to be able to produce quality work repeatedly every time when we're talking about cloning and vegging. So yes, there's art, but that skill level's very, very important in maintaining consistency.โ€ -- Seth Baumgartner

The balance that canna-businesses must find.

โ€œWhen we approach crop steering, it's a balance between how much product and how quality a product.โ€ -- Jason Van Leuven

Growing will always require some work (but we can make it easier).

โ€œEveryone knows it's a lot harder than just throwing some seeds on the ground and coming back in a few months, and it's always gonna be that way.โ€ -- Seth

Small improvements add up when it comes to SOPs.

โ€œWhen we think about improving processes, if we are getting a fast start, it's gonna translate all the way throughout that plant life cycle.โ€ -- Jason

Sometimes it helps to remember...

โ€œIt's just farming.โ€ -- Jason


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