Episode 36

AROYA Office Hours Episode Thirty-Six: Optimal ECs, Saturation vs. Field Capacity, and a Sneak Peak into Irrigation Schduling

The cultivator community always comes through with great questions, and this week was no exception!

Jason held it down solo this week, addressing everything from using data to dial in your culivars, to breaking down what's going on during stretch, to what we mean when we talk about saturation (hint: it's all about that field capacity).

Missed Episode 36? Check out a few of the highlights and the full episode below!


Honing in on that ideal substrate EC

“When we talk about what EC are we shooting for, we're here at AROYA looking at substrate EC typically, right? What is the plant specifically feeling with its roots? We can talk about ideal feed EC, but that's not necessarily the specific EC that the plants are feeling. So obviously something like time series data is the best way to talk about the ideal EC, simply because EC is gonna be very dynamic.” – Jason

Using data to dial in your cultivars

“One of the best things about using time series data and documenting your harvest groups is getting an understanding of what the golden or the ideal recipe is for a specific cultivar in the environment that you're running.” – Jason

The #1 Tip for getting more trichomes

“The best way to get more trichomes: run great genetics. That's probably the easiest way to increase your THC content and get a nice, sticky, glistening plant.” – Jason


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