Episode 34

AROYA Office Hours Episode Thirty-Four: Switching Substrates, Drying, and Pest Management

What's one of the best parts of this growing virtual podcast we know as AROYA Office Hours? It's a tough pick but for us, but it has to be the amazing community we've grown since we started with you all.

Thanks for an enlightening conversation about all things cannabis cultivation, including tips for switching substrates, ways to dry to avoid things like mold, and the infamous topic of pest management.

We hear you, growers, and we're so glad you're able join us live and submit your questions to us virtually each week. If you have a Q you want to send our way, you can find us on YouTubeInstagram, and now TikTok!

If you did miss last week's session, don't worry, we gotchu. Read on for the highlights from episode thirty-four and for the full video.

Crop steering is all about finding that balance.

“You've got to find that balance between what actually works for you operationally, and what is going to get you to where you need to be in terms of what you're trying to do.” -- Seth Baumgartner

The girls are gonna do what they want.

“What we found in plant science, though, is that most cultivars are only going to uptake what they want. So, some plants will have a tendency to preferentially uptake nitrogen late in flower, but by and large, they take what they want. And that EC balance has a lot more to do with how we built it over time and what we have available to the plant, than oftentimes what the plant might actually be missing.” -- Seth


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