Episode 32

AROYA Office Hours Episode Thirty-Two: Crop Steering, Irrigation, and Open Sprinkler Integration Updates

What. A. Show. We're still reeling by how much AROYA Office Hours has grown week after week. Thanks to everyone who joined!

Our virtual audiences brought it this time, submitting an eye-watering number of questions via Instagram and YouTube Live. Jason went into a ton of topics, like classic crop steering, irrigation, and EC. Then we chatted a bit about upcoming software upgrades (we know you all are ready for that AROYA/OpenSprinkler integration!), hopefully giving our growing community a better idea of when they'll be able to sync this controller with their platform.

Without giving too much else away, read on for the highlights and the full video podcast from episode thirty-two.

Take it one variable at a time.

“Ideally, you don't switch variables in the middle of a run, that way you have some reference data on A/B testing when there's a single piece of data, or a single variable that's not changed. So if you’re making a change midstream, it's hard to understand if it’s related to that change, or is it related to some other variable that we might be analyzing.” -- Jason Van Leuven

High or low EC - what's worse?

“Cannabis is one of the most aggressively growing plants that we do in horticulture, so it's probably going to be more of a hamper to have too

Consider all of the factors in your environment.

“And giving advice [about crop steering], it is so very dependent on all the factors that are going on into your grow. You know, when we're looking at the environment, you know what I'm generalizing numbers for, just talking about the best environment with these plants that we know of across the span of the genetic rainbow…” -- Jason

Create a perfect picture with AROYA.

“Best thing you can do is log your data as possible, along with the response of those plants with plant heights. Pictures are my favorite, just because there's so much information that can be derived from pictures. Maybe you're not even sure what you want to be looking at at that point, but you can go back and reference how that plant was responding when you're diagnosing a specific type of issue and your growth cycle.” -- Jason


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