Episode 29

AROYA Office Hours Episode Twenty-Nine: Input Variables, Irrigation, Lights, EC and VPD

How do we manage to keep up with all of the cutting-edge cultivation education and technology available to growers in one of the hottest industries since the gold rush?

Luckily we're all growers ourselves, so we stay pretty tapped in to concerns cultivators have and what tech the most successful ones among us are using to dial in on their data so they can push their yields to the next level.

And this week we got our hands dirty on a bunch of topics, including irrigation techniques, advice about lighting, and how to keep tabs on environmental variables like VPD. But this list is just skimming the surface.

Dig into the highlights from episode twenty-nine and catch the full video down below!

Accuracy and cost efficiency: a never-ending balancing act.

“My recommendation is always: take at least two or three at the very minimum of those manual readings per zone, ideally more. But every manual reading does cost time. So, if you can make good decisions based off of a limited set of data, then spend your time doing other things.” -- Jason Van Leuven

A motto we live by at AROYA.

“The more data we can have, the more comfortable everyone's gonna be.” -- Seth Baumgartner

Something to keep in mind about mediums.

“That's something we're always working with—the limitation of the medium that we're working in.” -- Seth

Make it easy on yourself, growers.

“Pictures speak a thousand words when we're talking about plants. I mean, they always do, but especially to the grower, we're used to staring at plants. So if you can start to relate some of those things in the future [in the platform], it's gonna help you a lot.” -- Seth

Securely streamline your SOPs.

“We've tried to include as much flexibility on this as possible because so many of these facilities operate with different levels of employees. So you can add more roles, if you need ten roles in there, then you can absolutely specify exactly what each person can access, see, modify, and contribute to.” -- Jason


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