Episode 28

AROYA Office Hours Episode Twenty-Eight: Water Activity, Mediums, Three Week Stretch, and Irrigation Shots

We're back in the studio for a fresh sesh of cultivation education. Let's groooooow!

Every once in a while you get the chance to convene with likeminded cultivators and share your experiences about growing. We live for the cultivation education around here, which is why we made it a regular thing with AROYA Office Hours. And this week we got into the weeds, answering our virtual and live audiences' questions about crop steering and the cannabis technology that helps us grow.

Keep reading to learn what Jason and Seth had to say this week about water activity, grow mediums, ideal irrigation shots, and innovative software and tech we're working on to help you cultivate that higher tier of flower.

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There's so much untapped potential.

β€œEvery breeder wants to make a plant that's really awesome to smoke, beautiful, and easy to grow and you know, I'll say it again. We're eighty, a hundred years behind a lot of other plant breeding projects in terms of just how much freedom they operate. We're barely dipping into what we're going to be seeing in the next ten to twenty years in terms of cannabis, genetics, and what's available out there.” -- Seth Baumgartner

Maintaining an edge is key.

β€œThe end goal isβ€”at least for me and using technology like thisβ€”is to really dial in what certain plants need and try to make it as efficient as possible to grow.” -- Seth

Data-driven decisions are the foundation for successful cultivation.

β€œStop guessing and losing grams to the air.” -- Seth

Quick advice about cloning . . .

β€œA really big thing is patience when you're trying to get those clones to root. Make sure your cuts are good. Keep everything consistent. Be patient with your watering.” -- Seth

Generic Harvest Flow: the final piece of the puzzle.

β€œWe can talk a little bit about some of the projects that we've been trying to finalize. One of those would be our generic harvest flow. All the people that are on our METRC integration are used to using our RFID scanners and our scales for an effective, efficient, and accurate harvest process. So, our generic flow's going to open that up for states that haven't integrated with METRC yet, or states that are METRC integrated. And really that's just the last piece of your harvest groups, obviously tracking all the input information and then starting to get an easy way to track the weights, the yields to those plants with our scales; it's going to be an exciting thing.” -- Jason Van Leuven


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