Episode 27

AROYA Office Hours Episode Twenty-Seven: EC and Crop Steering, IPM, Flipping, and Lights

It's another jam-packed sesh filled with answers to your cultivation questions. Recap the highlights with us!

Man, wouldn't it be wild if we got a bunch of experienced cultivators together from all over the country, in one place, to share their growing knowledge about cannabis? Well, what if I told you that's exactly what we do here every week at AROYA Office Hours?

In case you missed this episode, this blog post is here to fill you in on the important takeaways. Seth and Jason really got to the root of what it takes to optimize your grow. From discussions about EC and IPM to shining a light on, well, lights, we have the recap of the cultivation education that went down last week.

Catch the highlights from E27 and watch the full video below!

Less lumber, more flower.

"Usually in an indoor setting, less lumber, more flower, that's our goal. So, we wanna minimize that stretch. That's a big part of why we're pushing generative steering techniques during stretch." -- Seth Baumgartner

At the end of the day, it's a business.

"Try and balance your labor with your goals." -- Jason Van Leuven

Touching plants comes at a cost.

"The more you have to touch the plant, the more money you're spending to produce it . . . What we want to look at is balancing how much we need to put in, in order to ensure that we're growing mostly quality product, and then how often we wanna touch the plant. And then also realize that every time we do one of these defoliation or prunings, it's slowing down plant growth. If we've got 56 days, trying to finish this plant each day is almost 2% of that plant's life cycle." -- Seth

We hate to bug you, but . . .

"We like using AROYA to document integrated pest management . . . Build a couple recipes out on the timeline that works best for that type of plant or what they're more susceptible to. That would be the proactive pest management applications. And then there's also the reactive pest management applications, where you'll be going and actively doing some spotting⁠—so go check out what types of bugs are thriving in there that you need to get rid of." -- Jason

Keep an eye on your EIT at all times.

"At the end of the day, the number one thing you need to worry about as a grower is your economic injury threshold . . . Focus your efforts on places where they actually matter and do a real risk evaluation on any action you take, because if you spend money on a pesticide that's not gonna work, or say you've used it and it doesn't work, you're wasting money." -- Seth


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