Episode 24

AROYA Office Hours Episode Twenty-Four: Crop Steering, Sensor Maintenance, and Saving Money in Your Grow

How can one grow better? Let us count the ways and show you some of our favorite cultivation tips on this week's session with Seth and Leo.

Seth and Leo talked us through a ton of topics this week on episode twenty-four of AROYA Office Hours, and we're here for every second of it.

Miss this sesh? Lucky for you, we have the highlights and full video right here. Recap what we learned and get ready for another educational week this Thursday!

Our team is pushing for perfection, always.

“We don't ever stop; we're constantly pushing to make better sensors.” -- Leo Rivera

Waste not, want not in your grow.

“When we look at things like energy usage, obviously we don't monitor our usage, we can look at all your environmental sensors and see if we’re wasting power. This is how much this machinery has to run. So we can start looking at changing set points, changing machinery in the room, and seeing what we can do to really lower and learn those operating costs to make our system more efficient.” -- Seth Baumgartner

Knowledge is (flower) power.

“Analytics and data are key to knowing what's going on and helping yourself thrive and survive.” -- Leo

Consistency will help cannabusinesses win the race.

“So from here on out, we're going to move forward into a world where we have a bigger proliferation of different types of strains, and then also those are going to get more and more reliable, and better for the growers to produce. And I think overall we'll see part of that market stabilization in the future.” -- Seth

See all the genetic possibilities.

“Our genetics and our environment are our two main factors that impact what actually proliferates on how the plant behaves, and we need to understand that. And I think having access to the tools is really opening up the capabilities for breeding.” -- Leo


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