Episode 22

AROYA Office Hours Episode Twenty Two: Lighting, Irrigation, Cultivation, Drybacks, and Datalogging

It was a packed house last week! Learn what crop steering education Jason and Seth dropped and recap a few of the highlights.

Let's grow!

Seth and Jason's cultivation education? On point. The crop steering questions you all submitted?🔥🔥🔥

If you missed last week's AROYA Office Hours, never fear. The full video is here, in addition to some of the highlights from our hosts!

Ah, push it (vegetatively).

“Whenever we give the plant irrigation, we're triggering metabolic activity. So, the more irrigation we have, the more we can push that plant to grow vegetatively.” -- Seth Baumgartner

The balancing act of cultivation.

“There's a balance with everything. If we push a plant too far generatively, we're not going to get the best results. We push a plant too far vegetatively, we're not going to get the best results. I know we always talk about it being on a ‘digital spectrum’ where you're either generative or vegetative and the reality is, it's a balance within the environment . . . and doing the best irrigation for those strain types.” -- Jason Van Leuven

Tools won't help if you don't get the basic principles.

“We're just talking about tools, like cars can have in their toolbox to accomplish a certain outcome. There’s not a universal rule that's going to apply to everything. So, it's more important to understand the principles of what's going on and then apply that to what you're documenting and seeing with your own plants.” -- Seth

Some quick advice about drybacks.

“If you're worried about dryback number, focus more on . . . let's say if you're in Rockwool, focus on not going below 40%, than actually pushing the big number. It's more about what you can do with the minimum number of shots in a day for generative, and then for vegetative, exactly the opposite. How can we optimize the biggest number of small shots, if we want to push it as vegetative as possible.” -- Seth


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