Episode 17

AROYA Office Hours Episode Seventeen (4/14): Digging Into Crop Steering

Our audience is growing and learning together on episode seventeen of AROYA Office Hours. We love to see it! Huge thanks to everyone that attended and for bringing your questions!

This show touched on a variety of topics, from how to handle pH to basic crop steering advice. Let's get right to it and jump into the highlights from this session, or watch the full video with all of the Q&As below.

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Make room for more consistent yields.

“It's important for your business, for any producer, to be able to have a guaranteed amount of product that you can sell every month or whatever your goal is . . . unless you're planning on getting some crazy premium for a strain that does not yield well for you, you always want to maximize. That's the nature of business.” -- Seth Baumgartner

Repeat the results that worked.

“[Crop steering] is not new, we've just put new words on it and AROYA is helping people really, really dial it in and repeat those results. That's the key—building a recipe that you can repeat.” -- Seth

Gain deeper understandings through data.

“Now we're quantifying and evaluating every part about it. That thing you did—that was your special sauce. I used to think watering six to eight times a day was pretty special. Like six, seven years ago, I was like, ‘Wow. My weed grows super fast compared to my buddies in these big pots, watering every other day.’ But in reality, now that I have data logging equipment, I can actually be way more efficient about it. But at the time I was like, ‘Yeah, that's super cool. I can make this observation, it seems to be reliable and it works.’ But now I can take it to the next level using tools like AROYA.” -- Seth

Get ready for some new things to help you grow.

“[New things from AROYA] are coming down the line. It just all takes time. This has evolved into such a big platform. I've only been with AROYA for a year and it's grown immensely . . . I couldn't even imagine some of the directions we're going with it.” -- Seth


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