Episode 14

AROYA Office Hours Episode Fourteen (3/24): The Proof Is in the Profit

Amazing things can happen when you get this many cultivators in a room to share their knowledge of crop steering. We're here for every second of the action on our latest sesh of AROYA Office Hours LIVE.

This week Seth and Jason answered your Qs about crop steering and the power you get when you utilize the right tech in the grow room. Discover some of the highlights from episode fourteen and watch the full episode!

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Three decades perfecting sensors led us to this point.

"By the bulk numbers, METER/ADDIUM Group has manufactured today a little over 750,000 soil substrate sensors. So it's given us a lot of opportunity to refine, improve, and build the best product that's available on the market." -- Jason

Rely on data for better decision making.

"There are scenarios where real-time decision making may not be the best for the plants analyzing the previous day's attributes performance. Trends over time is how someone can make the best decisions for tomorrow." -- Jason

An investment to safeguard years of yields.

"Sometimes we talk with people and they actually justify the cost of AROYA based on a few crops they had lost in the past. I mean, it was pretty realistic that it's a safeguard for protecting your investment—all that time into trying to grow, trying to produce a really, really healthy plant—could be lost." -- Jason

The big question . . .

"That's the ultimate end there, that consistency. I mean, how much money can your business lose if you can't accurately plan your product output?" -- Seth Baumgartner


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