Episode 13

AROYA Office Hours Episode Thirteen (3/17): EC, pH, Crop Steering and More

Jason and Seth are back for a new session. This week, we talked all things about crop steering, including ways to optimize your tools and tactics in the grow room using your own data to gain actionable insights.

It was great to meet those of you who joined us virtually, and we hope you'll spread the news about this meetup for committed cultivators and join us again!

Learn what questions and answers came out of episode thirteen of AROYA Office Hours LIVE and recap some of the highlights from our friends and resident cultivators.

Start with your environment.

“Once we have that environment set up, then it’s going to be way easier to plan for crop steering. So if our plants aren’t growing optimally because of the environment, they’re always going to struggle.” -- Jason Van Leuven

It's smart to test new substrates.

“Every time you get new media, it's a great practice to hydrate and test it and see what kind of water content you’re working with.” -- Seth Baumgartner

Your data paints a pretty picture . . .

“A picture is really is worth a thousand words. Once you run the same strain twenty, thirty times. If you don’t have it documented really well . . . it gets really difficult to go back and say, “Well, I think we did this.” Like, no, let's go look at it, we’ll see pictures of the plants and say, “Well, we tried that.” We won’t just toss it up and go, “What's going to happen?” -- Seth

And gives you more tools to work with.

“It's more about getting the data and making sure you have the tools to make these calls.” -- Seth

Can you see what your plants need?

“You know, the plants, we can kind of push, mainly through light intensity, how many nutrients they’re going to uptake. But we can only push the plants to a certain extent, they take up what they want given the environmental conditions in that area. If they don’t have enough light, they’re only going to take up so much . . . if it’s too cold, they’re only going to take up so much.” -- Seth


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