Office Hours Episode 101

Considerations for coco newbies, dialing in the dry room, dryback math, & much more!

Back to the business of talking crops!

After a couple weeks away, Seth was back in the studio covering all things cultivation! From what to know when working with coco for the first time, to takeaways when seeing bud rot in the dry room, to why flushing may not mean what you think it means (and why we don’t say it!), plus so much more, it’s always a beautiful day to talk crops with the growmies!


Just a few of our favorite quotes from the show:

Bud Rot in the Dry Room?

"Number one, how clean is your dry room and how well-regulated is that environment…Another one is just overall plant health going into the dry room. So when we're talking about plant health and especially mold, any type of fungus, especially an external fungus that’s going to attack a plant, has to get in through the epidermis of the plant.” – Seth

Flushing ≄ Senescence

β€œDo not flush. That's not senescence, that's plant death. And actually when you're seeing that, that's when we see those plants that are molding in the dry room particularly because when I cut that plant down, it's already starting to die, we're already in an unhealthy state. The immune system's compromised and that's a lot of times when you'll go in and see aspergillus and botrytis form on the interior of the bud moving outward from the stem.” – Seth

Seriously, Don’t Flush

β€œEC is the actual level of salt or ions that we have in solution, pH is looking more at the ratio of positively charged to negatively charged ions. So when you actually do a straight RO or water flush, you're going to wash that salt out, but you're not going to change the ratio of salts in it…So a straight RO flush will wash your salt down, but it won't fix your pH problem.” – Seth

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