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Office Hours FAQs

What is AROYA Office Hours?

AROYA Office Hours is a weekly Google Hangouts session held every Thursday at 1:20 pm PST/4:20 pm EST where hosts Jason Van Leuven and Seth Baumgartner answer your burning questions about crop steering, sensors, and the many ways AROYA can help with commercial craft cultivation!  Each session is recorded, shared with our email list, and uploaded to the AROYA YouTube channel for on-demand viewing. 

How do I get invited to attend Office Hours?

Join AROYA’s email list to receive an invitation to each week’s session automatically.

Attending a live session of AROYA Office Hours means acknowledging and accepting that you may be recorded. 

What topics are discussed on Office Hours?

Office Hours is an educational resource for anyone involved with or interested in commercial craft cultivation. Each session is an opportunity for existing AROYA customers to get their tech support questions answered by the experts. It’s also the perfect time for those who work in commercial craft cultivation (as a grower, cultivation manager, head of operations, or in any other capacity) to talk shop about crop steering, share tips and tricks, and network with other growers doing exciting things in this emerging industry.

These sessions DON’T cover:

  • AROYA pricing (Book a demo and let’s talk!)
  • Policy or regulatory questions
  • Industry rants

Can I be a guest on Office Hours?

If you’re a grower, cultivation manager, or head of operations currently using AROYA and looking to share your expertise, submit your application for a chance to be a guest on a future episode. 

How do I submit a question for Office Hours?

Live attendees are encouraged to post their questions in the chat to get answers from the experts in real-time. Use this form to submit your questions in advance:

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