Hall of Flowers

4 Big Takeaways from Hall of Flowers Spring 2022

After two wildly unpredictable years filled with starts and stops, in-person cannabis events are back in full swing. And AROYA recently got a chance to walk the floors of Hall of Flowers, a highly-curated B2B cannabis tradeshow where California brands showcase their goods to an audience made largely of dispensary buyers and owners. Kind of like the weed industry’s version of CES – only way better thanks to licensed on-site retail and consumption – Hall of Flowers provides a unique opportunity for brands and retailers to connect face-to-face. Despite its many struggles California is the largest cannabis market in the world after all, and deals made at the Palm Springs event could wind up influencing markets nationwide.

For us, Hall of Flowers was not only a chance to catch up with AROYA customers face-to-face – some of them for the first time! – but to also explore what’s coming down the pipeline for consumers. Here are 4 things in particular that caught our eye:

  1. Social Justice Matters

    We were inspired by seeing a number of cannabis companies openly aligning themselves with social justice causes. Much like our own Freedom Grams initiative, multiple brands including Farmer And The Felon and Her Highness shared their support for the prison and policy reform efforts of the nonprofit Last Prisoner’s ProjectHelmand Valley Growers Company shared their mission of using medical cannabis to help end the opioid and suicide epidemics plaguing our nation’s veterans. And we learned about the brand Substance directing $8.46 from the sale of each of its pre-roll packs toward ending mass incarceration. The fight for justice has always been at the heart of the cannabis industry, and it was exciting to see so many brands show their support for such important causes.
  2. Let’s Get High (Potency)

    Brands used their booth space to maximum effect, tempting passersby with jars containing some pretty big buds - and potency to match. We saw a lot of products containing THC percentages of 40% and higher, giving the impression that a fair number of consumers in the Golden State like their cannabis strong.
  3. Pre-Rolls Rule

    With puff puff pass going by the wayside thanks to COVID, pre-rolls have grown in popularity the last couple of years - with sales increasing nearly 50% in key markets during the height of the pandemic in 2020. And with a reported average market share of 15%, pre-rolls were everywhere at Hall of Flowers. And it’s no wonder, considering pre-rolled joints are a great low cost option for consumers looking to try new cultivars.
  4. Make Way For Merch

    Gone are the days of returning home from a conference with thumb drives, stress balls, and cheap branded swag you’ll never use. Brands in the cannabis space are going beyond flower, vapes, and edibles to bring on the fashion. From cute backpacks, fun fanny packs, and rugged totes, to premium quality hats, hoodies and t-shirts, cannabis companies are leveling up their merch to appeal to consumers’ fashion sense - and suffice it to say, we’re all about it!

Hall of Flowers Spring 2022 is a wrap, and we’re so thrilled to have been able to experience it for ourselves!

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