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AROYA & The Future of Cultivation

AROYA President Scott Campbell officially introduces 3 new products unveiled at MJBizCon 2023.

There is a core belief behind everything we do at AROYA: quality science = quality data = quality plants. 

We got our start in 1983 as a scientific instruments company focused on agricultural and environmental research. Building sensors that were better, smaller, more accurate, more rugged, and more precise was crucial to our growth as a small business.  All of these sensors operated in the substrate-plant-atmosphere continuum.

Our sensors first gained popularity in Holland’s high-tech greenhouses years before becoming the crop-steering stars of the cannabis world. Dutch growers were using a crude handheld probe to detect pore water EC in stonewool, but it was inaccurate. After convincing them that our wireless sensor would offer them highly accurate real-time data, these growers became the first to use the TEROS 12 technology to grow peppers, cucumber tomatoes, and eggplant at scale. 

Before cannabis grows started using the first AROYA sensors in 2019, cultivators would adjust controls settings and then watch what happened to their plants – learning what worked through a slow, painstaking process of trial and error. By taking readings every 3 minutes using a network of cloud-connected sensors, writing the data to the cultivar record, and creating a “journal” of results growers could use to improve every crop cycle, AROYA brought deep insight into the cannabis cultivation process. AROYA gave growers a combination of sensors, software, and science engineered to continually increase their yields and quality.

What We’ve Learned


Over the past five years, we’ve learned that the continuous improvement process consists of five levels of cultivator competence:

  1. No visibility - no repeatability 
  2. Elimination of over/under-watered plants 
  3. Relative crop-steering
  4. Absolute crop-steering
  5. Model/AI-driven crop-steering


Each competence level corresponds to a given productivity, and crop cycle management systems enable progress to deeper levels. 

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and AROYA software and sensors have been copied many times since our 2019 launch. While our sensors test better than all the rest, we knew that two levels of performance could be unlocked by better sensing. 


Here’s an example:

Let’s say a fictional cultivator has two facilities growing White Runtz, their most valuable strain. One facility uses HPS lights and coco coir, and the other uses LED lights and stonewool. The most recent run at the LED facility yielded 23% less than the same cultivar grown at the HPS facility.  Why did this happen?  

Here’s why we can’t compare these harvest groups using existing sensing technology:

  1. Radiative heat from HPS fixtures causes temperature swings in climate stations that affect heat and VPD readings.  These swings are absent from the LED facility data.
  2. Coco coir and stonewool have different moisture release curves.  With today’s capacitance sensors, water content readings affect pore water EC readings: when water content goes down, apparent pore water EC goes up, even if actual pore water EC hasn’t changed. The TEROS 12 is the only substrate sensor tuned to reduce this effect, but it is still present.

This is why AROYA spent the past seven years working on its next generation of sensors.


Absolute Crop Steering is Here

We are proud to announce 3 new products unveiled at this year’s MJBizCon.

TEROS ONE is the first substrate sensor to:

  • Measure pore water EC with no influence from water content
  • Provide a primary measurement of dielectric
  • Have a patented measurement method
  • Read up to 20 dS/m
  • Have an accuracy of +/-2%
  • Cost less than its predecessor


The TEROS ONE allows  growers to:

  • Compare harvest groups grown in different facilities
  • Compare two runs of the same strain grown at different times
  • Implement recipes by perfectly matching osmotic stress
  • Compare readings taken from two different substrate types (e.g. coco vs stonewool)
  • Achieve and maintain peak performance faster on every cultiva


Complementing the new TEROS ONE is the new CLIMATE ONE, the first controlled environment climate station to feature aspirated climate sensors, condensation protection, and CO2 measurement. By utilizing these two new sensors, growers can now compare every input that will affect yield and quality – giving indoor and greenhouse growers near-total control over what happens to plants.  AROYA’s game-changing new sensors allow cultivators to access and apply that control with laser-guided precision.  At Addium, we believe that data quality yields plant quality. That’s why we are the only company with researchers and developers on staff inventing new sensor types. The TEROS ONE and the CLIMATE ONE are the latest examples of this commitment.

But our purpose extends beyond serving corporations. We are driven by a profound commitment to serve the people within the vibrant cultivation community. We acknowledge that there is no one-size-fits-all solution, but one universal truth remains: irrespective of who you are or the scale of your operation, you deserve access to the finest products and systems available. 

That’s why we are thrilled to introduce AROYA GO – a groundbreaking solution designed to bring the advantages of state-of-the-art sensors and user-friendly software to home growers, small-scale operators, and anyone passionate about cannabis cultivation. 

AROYA GO offers:

  • Comprehensive monitoring through industrial-grade sensors
  • Easy installation and operation
  • Wireless data transmission
  • Real-time, accurate insights to make data-driven cultivation decisions


In Summary

  1. We are deeply rooted in science
  2. We used this science to help growers succeed over the past 4 years
  3. We saw the need to revolutionize cultivation through a new class of sensors that make absolute comparisons possible
  4. The sensor network now makes new levels of performance possible, enabled (again) by science
  5. This new level of science is available to everyone
  6. Attempting to build AI tools without Aroya sensor data, and without scientific expertise, exposes your business to unacceptable risk


AROYA is the only partner building a future for cultivation that will power your business to success.


Get the complete picture of your climate with one small station. Engineered for indoor and greenhouse grows.

  • accurate and effortless VPD
  • 4x/min CO2 readings
  • easy installation


Dial in drybacks and master precision irrigation with a new sensor design that measures what others can’t.

  • compare run data
  • unrivaled EC & WC accuracy
  • substrate flexibility

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