Case Studies

From farm to feeling good.

Loudpack creates and cultivates some of the highest-quality cannabis products in the world. By partnering with AROYA, they’re able to continue scaling, experimenting, and perfecting their craft.

Loudpack Farms is a California-based craft consumer products company that’s vertically integrated from seed to package. They were built from the ground up to create, cultivate, package, and distribute … and they do so at pharmaceutical-grade levels of quality.

California isn’t an easy state to go to market in. Not only are regulations constantly evolving and among the strictest in the nation, it’s also a highly competitive market where costs are high and prices for products are in free-fall.

What AROYA helps Loudpack Farms do is inject predictability and consistency into their approach, so they know what to expect every day and can control what they can control. This helps separate Loudpack from the rest of the … ummm … pack.

Loudpack doesn’t just craft commercial-grade flowers, they design all their products to the highest caliber of standard in the nation: California’s pharmaceutical testing standards. That means dialing in everything from seed to sale.

And, in a greenhouse facility? You better be rigorous in your controls and exacting in your analysis. METER Horticulture and the AROYA platform take the pressure off by giving them all their key metrics to key people. With that visibility, Loudpack can set their benchmarks, and continuously improve process, recipe, and quality over time.