Who are we?

What is AROYA?

AROYA® is relentlessly committed to chasing new horizons in cannabis cultivation management. That deep knowledge comes from within: we’re growers ourselves. Our sensors are the industry benchmark for excellence, and our software gives hundreds of commercial growers the opportunity to continuously monitor, improve and optimize their cultivation processes from plant to post-harvest. AROYA is a product line of ADDIUM Inc. (former METER Group, Inc. USA).

Who is Addium?

Welcome to Addium, where curiosity fuels innovation in ag-tech. Rooted in science, we're charting a new course for agriculture with our cutting-edge, end-to-end solutions. Our deep understanding of horticulture and food safety operations sets us apart and pushes us forward.

As pioneers in our field, we bravely tread new paths, embracing both success and failure as opportunities for growth. We're not just listeners; we're learners, incorporating customer feedback into the very fabric of our products and services. Our commitment to quality is unwavering, and our trust in our solutions is steadfast.

Our products are more than just market leaders—they're game-changers. We speak loudly and proudly of our accomplishments, not out of boastfulness, but from confidence grounded in our proven track record.

We understand the art and science of data, offering state-of-the-art sensors that turn raw information into actionable insights. Welcome to the future of ag-tech.

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