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AROYA® is the premier cannabis production platform, combining innovative hardware and software to deliver actionable insights that help you improve profitability per square foot per year—predictably, and at scale. In addition, the platform comes with customer support included in the subscription fee, so you can get assistance whenever you need it.

We power the cannabis industry’s top-shelf producers.

Case study

See how STIIIZY used AROYA’s data-driven cannabis production strategies to overcome challenges and create beautiful, dense, and fragrant flower that customers love again and again. Explore their success story.


Your success is our #1 priority

Growing is better with support. That’s why we’re here. If you have questions about how to optimize AROYA to the fullest in your facilities, our client success team is up to the task.

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The AROYA platform tracks and analyzes your operations to provide a detailed snapshot into what’s going on with your grow on any given day. Because when it comes to ensuring consistent product quality, streamlined operations, and increased profitability—data is key.

Bump yields up to 43% 

Data-driven insights. Real-time visibility. AROYA delivers precise data on rootzone, climate, task management, compliance and more to your phone, laptop, or tablet. Now you can understand and improve the whole cannabis production process from seed to shipment.

Drive consistent, scalable success with features like crop steering, alerts, drying, recipes, compliance, predictive analytics—and much more.

Go beyond beginner

Dive a little deeper. Explore how-to guides and build your technical know-how with our Expertise Library. Learn everything you need to nail the details.

Crop steering - The Ultimate Guide

Learn about AROYA crop steering management practices in this article, allowing more successful cultivation.
Education Guides15 min read

Crop Steering as a way
to improve cannabis bud quality

Growers are shifting their focus from improving cannabis yields to improving quality, and here’s how AROYA's crop steering can help.
Education Guides6 min read

The cannabis processor’s complete guide to moisture and water activity

Learn the risks of over-drying and under-drying cannabis and how AROYA technology gives you precise measurements.
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More reasons why top producers choose AROYA.

SOCII compliance

As an organization that thrives on data, we get the importance of protecting what you’ve worked so hard for.

Unlimited users

No limits on the number of AROYA users. Share data with anyone on your team. 

Fast install

Sensors pull data directly into the software, so everyone from the grow room to the execs can sync within 2hr install time.

Easy integration 

Our hardware-agnostic open API allows you to receive and process data from multiple sources.


AROYA allows everyone in your business to focus on their strengths. It gives grow techs guidance and understanding, so they can work confidently and improve their skills. It frees directors from uncertainty and exhausting micromanagement, so they can put their expertise to use at scale and tackle the bigger issues. It gives owners peace of mind, because they can see for themselves that everything is running according to plan. AROYA is designed to help elevate your whole cultivation operations to the next level.