AROYA Introduces Irrigation Control

How our new irrigation control feature lets you do even more with AROYA.

AROYA Introduces Irrigation Control

The cannabis industry has historically had its fair share of challenges to overcome, and the last year is no exception. While expanding legalization very clearly sets the stage for the industry’s longevity and the possible end to federal prohibition, tumbling wholesale prices and neverending regulatory frustrations are just a few of many concerns keeping cultivators awake at night.

AROYA combines three decades’ of sensor expertise with intuitive software to give growers access to the data behind their cultivation. Gaining visibility into the substrate and overall environment means growers are able to repeat what works, avoid what doesn’t, and make more informed decisions than ever before. But the data also gives them the intelligence to make incremental changes and introduce operational efficiencies that save time, reduce costs, and produce replicable quality and yields at scale – leading to greater profitability in the long run.

And growers can do even more with the ultimate cannabis platform – because AROYA now has Irrigation Control.

Introducing Cannabis Irrigation Scheduling with AROYA + OpenSprinkler

Humans have been growing cannabis for millennia. The limits of prohibition have long inspired tenacious cultivators to answer the question, “Does cannabis like drip irrigation?” by simply diving head first into designing irrigation systems tailored to their specific circumstances. There’s a big difference between flood irrigating cannabis with water pumped from a reservoir, and managing irrigations across thousands of plants in an indoor commercial cultivation, but one thing’s certain: no matter the set-up – drip irrigation, container, garden – cannabis, like all plants, needs water.

When crop steering growers manipulate light, climate, and irrigation to steer their plants’ growth in a particular direction with the ultimate goal of producing consistent, replicable results that lead to maximum profitability. And to do it successfully, effective irrigation is key. During the plants’ vegetative stage, growers are tasked with eliminating environmental stressors and using each irrigation event, or shot, as a signal encouraging the plant to absorb as much water as possible. Then during the generative phase, growers apply targeted stressors and additional shots to control water uptake with the goal of boosting flower, resin, and flavor production. AROYA gives growers the data to determine how to respond to their plants’ generative and vegetative cues, while processes like regularly testing and monitoring field capacity offer guidance on how much water to give the plants and at what frequency.

For many operators, irrigating the plants with the right amount of water at the right time, every time still requires human involvement and often hours of labor. Growers who seek an automated irrigation system for cannabis cultivation are typically forced to pay 5X more than farmers in other agricultural industries – yet another frustrating aspect of federal prohibition. But unless growers are able to factor in data from every stage of growth for each cultivar, even the best drip irrigation system for cannabis could still be missing the watering mark.

With everything there is to manage around growing cannabis – light, irrigation – controllers offer growers the opportunity to multitask. In the world of commercial cannabis, irrigation controllers from OpenSprinkler have emerged as an affordable way to set and manage automatic waterings. But that means growers have two platforms to manage: OpenSprinkler’s web-based app to control its functionality, and Excel to process and review the data.

Using two platforms just to manage irrigation? Growers asked for a better way, so AROYA got to work.

It’s time to STREAMline your irrigation

Growers who use OpenSprinkler can now manage their irrigations directly through AROYA. That means cultivators now have the ability to schedule and manage their irrigations using the same platform that tracks and monitors their plants at every stage.

Let’s get into the weeds of this new upgrade:

Do more with AROYA

For growers using crop-steering techniques to cultivate cannabis, automatic irrigation is a major time-saver – but that’s not all. Cultivators can now use data from AROYA to make more informed decisions about how much, how often, and when they water their plants, which can help reduce water waste while also improving yields and potency at the cultivar level.

All the things that lead to better profits in the long run.

So water you waiting for? Contact the AROYA Sales team and try the expansion!

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