April 14, 2020

Crop Steering

Video Transcript

All right. What is crop steering? Crop steering is utilizing vegetative and generative cues through the three main pillars, light, climate, and irrigation, to steer your plants. Yes, you could actually steer plants to produce bigger flower and higher quality through all these cues in combination.

What we'd done at AROYA is we've been able to create historical data and utilize that information to enhance each one of these phases of growth. Vegetative steering tends to be lower EC, higher water content, lower VPD, lower light intensity. Generative cues tend to be higher light intensity, higher VPD, bigger dry backs, lower water content, higher EC. So in conjunction of each other, we are able to steer the plant through the different phases to produce the flower to be bigger and better quality without losing any of our production.

And that's AROYA's goal, is to help educate and work with each one of you as growers because each one of you has a different facility, a different strain, and different steering capabilities. And through our historical data, we build the knowledge of your crop and your strain in each one of your facilities, and that's what we're able to drive forward to you as a user.

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